Happy Monday!

Man, last week was so weird. Why was last so weird? I don’t even know. Hope you all had a less weird week than I did!

To escape the weirdness of my week, last night I took myself out to see Safety Not Guaranteed. And it’s so good!!! I mean, it’s a time travel movie so by that alone it gets extra awesome points.




Check out the website to find where it’s playing. It opened in NYC, LA, Seattle, and Portland this past weekend and will be in more cities soon. Safety Not Guaranteed


For some reason, Patsy Cline has made me feel much better about the weirdness that’s been my life recently. I don’t know why exactly. Except that it’s Patsy Cline? And she’s wonderful?




And hey! Check it out! We have a Bonaparte House Film update! Recently Mike and I put together this little video for our friends Transmit Info, Inc. We’re really excited to post it and share it with all of you! Check out the video, visit TransmitInfo.org, and don’t forget to like BHF on the Facebook!



And that’s it for me this Monday. Love you guys. As always.